The project

The “Concert for Tomorrow” is still collecting donations for our project in Ukraine: The music school in Bucha is to be renovated and equipped with new instruments in order to offer the children and young people a long-term place where they can process the experiences of the war with the help of music.

Renovation and equipment of the music school in Bucha

Initial situation

At the Buchanan School of Arts, more than 600 children receive a basic artistic and musical education. The school has six departments, including piano, strings, art, and voice and choreography. By February 24, the school had a busy concert schedule and students were frequent participants in local and international art and music competitions. The music school plays an important role in the cultural enrichment of the city. It initiated a series of cultural events during the year, involving important themes such as Ukrainian national identity, artistic and musical heritage of the country, traditions of Ukraine, but also of the whole world. By performing in front of an audience, the children and young people learn additional important skills that will be beneficial to them in adulthood. Supporting the school thus not only promotes cultural awareness, but also strengthens the development of an entire region.

Built in 1992, the school has long wanted to make basic repairs, but due to capacity constraints has only been able to make minor renovations each year. Miraculously, the school survived the Russian invasion of Bucha with only minor damage, and the school plans to begin classes in normal mode on September 1. Among the school’s students are children with disabilities and the school building is currently not barrier-free, which makes teaching children with special needs very difficult. This problem is becoming more and more urgent, as more than 100 children from the region have suffered injuries and permanent disabilities in the wake of the Russian invasion.

What do we want to achieve with your donations?

One of our main goals is to renovate the building in order to better adapt it to the needs of children with disabilities. This will be done primarily by redesigning the entrances and restrooms. In addition, the goal is to create an inclusive and more comfortable environment for the children, and furthermore, to give the children, many of whom have lost family members or friends, the opportunity to continue their education. The children and young people will be able to pursue their passions and benefit from the therapeutic effects of art and music. All 660 students of the school, the teachers and furthermore the whole community of Bucha will benefit from the project, as this will be the first inclusive space in Bucha, offering equal opportunities to children with different abilities and where children with special needs will be integrated into the community.